iron stained bathtubIron bacteria are a natural part of the environment in most parts of the world. These microorganisms combine dissolved iron or manganese with oxygen and use it to form rust-colored deposits. In the process, the bacteria produce a brown slime that builds up on well screens, pipes, and plumbing fixtures.

Iron bacteria often produce unpleasant tastes and odours. The taste or odour may be more noticeable after the water has not been used for some time.

Iron bacteria will usually cause yellow, orange, red, or brown stains and coloured water

It is sometimes possible to see a rainbow coloured, oil-like sheen on the water.

Iron bacteria produce a sticky slime which is typically rusty in color, but may be yellow, brown, or grey.

A feathery or filamentous growth may also be seen, particularly in standing water such as a toilet tank.

Signs of Iron Bacteria in your water

  • Red or brown slime in toilet tanks
  • Rust-coloured staining
  • Unpleasant sulfur-like odor from hot water

Solutions: Chlorination System

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