stained bathtub plugWater traveling through the ground can pick up minerals that become dissolved and carried in your water. In central Ontario region, this is often iron, and to a lesser degree, sulphur.

Iron is often found in many wells in our region, and depending upon the amount present, a water softener is an acceptable solution that will remove the iron. Indications of iron being present in your water are a metallic taste, and yellow to orange staining in fixtures.

In cases where there are heavy amounts of iron present, the introduction of an iron filter is a good solution as it will reduce the amount of salt your water softener uses, as well as the recharge rate.

A key indicator that you may have sulphur in your water is the ‘rotten egg’ smell. A water softener will not be effective at treating sulphur. Instead, a sulphur filter is used for lesser amounts of sulphur, and when greater amounts are present, a chlorination system is used.

Once again, you can also choose to have a water softener installed with this equipment to provide you the remarkable benefits of soft water.

Signs of Iron in your water

  • Rust coloured stains on fixtures and laundry
  • Metallic taste

Solutions: Air Injected Iron/ Sulpher Filter, Water Softener, Iron Filter air injected, Chlorination System

Signs of Sulphur in your water

  • Rotten-egg smell and taste
  • Stained fixtures

Solutions: Air Injected Iron/ Sulpher Filter, Chlorination System, Hydrogen Peroxide

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