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Reverse Osmosis

Why Reverse Osmosis?

Our water supply is being polluted constantly in many different ways. Chemical spills and leaks seep into our underground water supply. Rain and melting snow carry pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers into our streams, rivers, lakes and wells. Reverse osmosis takes out what the world puts in your water.

Some of the highest quality bottled water is produced by reverse osmosis (RO) filtration, which typically reduces impurities by 95% or more. Fortunately, you can get this same bottled water quality right from your tap, by having an EcoWater R.O. filtration system installed in your home, cottage or business. Why pay $.80 to $2.00 per gallon to drink water prepared and bottled by someone else? This higher price reflects the costs of bottling, storage, trucking, fuel expenses, wages, insurances, etc. If you have a point of use water system, you eliminate all of these middleman costs and enjoy fresh purified water for pennies per gallon.

EcoWater reverse osmosis systems utilize a special membrane that separates minerals and impurities from your water, effectively removing substances such as lead, mercury, chlorine, sediment, calcium, sodium, flouride and nitrates, which are then flushed to the drain.

Enjoy your very own bottled water system without having to lug heavy bottles. Tap into great-tasting, crystal clear water; tap into EcoWater’s exclusive RO system. Be sure to ask about our rental and rent-to-own plans.

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