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At McLeod’s EcoWater, we feature a complete line of water conditioning solutions. We offer expert installation and service – with over 30 years serving the Peterborough, Kawartha and Durham region, you can count on our team to provide the best product available at competitive rates.

Our free, no obligation water test ensures we’ll match the right equipment to your specific water needs.

Water Softeners

There’s nothing quite like soft water…. and nothing quite like our EcoWater line of water softeners. We have a complete line up of solutions – from systems designed for municipal water through to our advanced ECR models which feature remote monitoring, controls, and diagnostics.

Our ECR and ESD Series softeners can be configured with separate brine (salt) and water tanks or compact systems, which are integrated within one unit.

An EcoWater water softener will not only provide your family with the soft water benefits of softer skin, longer lasting appliances and better taste and smell, but will also reduce energy consumption…. Even your morning coffee will taste better!

Water Refiners

The EcoWater water refining system is available in the compact model or with two tanks. It is the recommended choice as a complete filtration system to soften water, eliminate chloramines, chlorine and unpleasant tastes and odours from the water supply for the whole house.

The ERR Series water refiners produce amazing results for people who are on municipal water systems, and want to experience clean, filtered, soft water at every faucet.

Reverse Osmosis

Why Reverse Osmosis?

Our water supply is being polluted constantly in many different ways. Chemical spills and leaks seep into our underground water supply. Rain and melting snow carry pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and fertilizers into our streams, rivers, lakes and wells. Reverse osmosis takes out what the world puts in your water.

Some of the highest quality bottled water is produced by reverse osmosis (RO) filtration, which typically reduces impurities by 95% or more. Fortunately, you can get this same bottled water quality right from your tap, by having an EcoWater R.O. filtration system installed in your home, cottage or business. Why pay $.80 to $2.00 per gallon to drink water prepared and bottled by someone else? This higher price reflects the costs of bottling, storage, trucking, fuel expenses, wages, insurances, etc. If you have a point of use water system, you eliminate all of these middleman costs and enjoy fresh purified water for pennies per gallon.

EcoWater reverse osmosis systems utilize a special membrane that separates minerals and impurities from your water, effectively removing substances such as lead, mercury, chlorine, sediment, calcium, sodium, flouride and nitrates, which are then flushed to the drain.

Enjoy your very own bottled water system without having to lug heavy bottles. Tap into great-tasting, crystal clear water; tap into EcoWater’s exclusive RO system. Be sure to ask about our rental and rent-to-own plans.

Iron/Sulphur Filters

Water filters are effective ways to remove impurities from your water by means of a physical barrier, a chemical process, or a biological process. We offer different types of filters solutions, depending upon the composition of your water problem.

Iron Filters

If water passes through ground containing iron-bearing rock, it will collect iron and cause rust stains as well as other iron-related problems in the home. Iron will discolour your laundry, leave hard to clean stains, and jeopardize the quality of the water you drink. Expensive replacement and service repair of water-using appliances and fixtures are often incurred when iron is present.

A chemical-free ETF 2100 filtration system by EcoWater is a proven, low cost solution to problem iron, protecting your household from the invasive effects of not only ferrous (clear water iron), but also ferric (precipitated) iron. Unlike conventional methods of iron removal, the EcoWater filtration system requires no costly, messy chemicals, salt or expensive replacement cartridges.

This chemical-free iron removal system requires approximately 10% of the water a conventional filter uses to regenerate and requires no maintenance. Eliminate iron from your water. Consult McLeod’s EcoWater. Our specialist will recommend the appropriate model and size for your household or commercial application.

Sulphur Filters

A pungent rotten egg odour and/or black sediment accompanies sulphur or hydrogen sulphide. Sulphur levels dictate the type of treatment that can be used to eliminate this problem. Generally levels of sulphur less than 4 ppm can be removed by either a manganese greensand filter, which uses the chemical potassium permanganate to regenerate, or a chemical-free air injection filter with a mixing tank.

Levels of sulphur exceeding 4 ppm must be treated with a chemical feed system using either chlorine or hydrogen peroxide. The equipment required consists of a chemical feed pump, retention tank and an automatic carbon filter. This is the most effective method of removing high levels of sulphur in your water. As sulphur is a gas, water must be tested on site.

Customizable Filters

Water filters are effective ways to remove impurities from your water by means of a physical barrier, a chemical process, or a biological process. We offer different types of filters solutions, depending upon the composition of your water problem.

Turbidity Filters

Turbidity causes water to be murky. Turbidity can be caused by oxidized material, such as iron or sulphur; or by un-dissolved matter in the water like tannic acid and fluvic acid. The 2100 Solid State filter, utilizing EcoWater’s specially designed multi-clean filter bed, removes silt and sediment and is particularly useful in lake water applications.


Is your water safe from bacteria? Ensure your next test is 0/0, with an ultraviolet disinfection system from McLeod’s EcoWater. Bacteria and viruses in your drinking water supply can cause diarrhea and other unpleasant illnesses. The Walkerton tragedy has certainly emphasized the importance of protecting your water supply against contamination. Ultraviolet disinfection systems protect you and your family from waterborne micro-organisms without the use of chemicals or the need to buy bottled water.

Ultraviolet light destroys pathogenic microbes by focusing on the reproductive system of the microbe and destroying it by concentrated amounts of UV light energy. Other benefits of UV disinfection systems are; it is an immediate process (no storage tank required) and it requires little maintenance. Pre-filtration is required.

Call McLeod’s EcoWater to install your ultraviolet disinfection system today. A Whole House Ultraviolet Sterilizer from McLeod’s EcoWater is Economical, Proven and Safe.

Chlorination System

A chlorination system can consist of the following:

Chlorinator: A chemical feed pump designed to inject a predetermined level of chlorine into the water. Chlorine will kill bacteria and oxidize high levels of iron, manganese, and sulfur.

Retention Tank: This tank is used to insure contact time for a proper bacteria kill, and/or time to completely oxidize iron and sulfur.

Multimedia Filters: Used for removal of oxidized iron and sulfur.

Carbon Filter: Removes chlorine and/or organics which may be present in water.

Whole Home Systems

Many consumers today are looking to have ‘whole house’ water treatment systems installed as they become more concerned with the quality of water they consume.

A whole home system consists of a water softener to soften the water, remove iron, and filter out small sediment. As well as a reverse osmosis drinking water system for high quality drinking water.

Commercial and Industrial

McLeod’s EcoWater has been working with commercial and industrial clients for over 30 years. We understand the demands of these sectors, and importance of providing reliable, dependable service. The water treatment process is intended to remove or reduce contaminants in order to optimize the water for its intended use.

Water conditioning can help:

– reduce the amount of detergent required
– reduce downtime due to equipment repairs
– reducing maintenance associated with scaling & corrosion
– save money on boiler systems – less energy to heat soft water

In the Healthcare Industries, water sterilizer can be an important requirement, especially in rural settings. We offer a full range of equipment with single tank flow rates up to 120 gpm suitable for commercial/industrial applications.