Is your water safe from bacteria? Ensure your next test is 0/0, with an ultraviolet disinfection system from McLeod’s EcoWater. Bacteria and viruses in your drinking water supply can cause diarrhea and other unpleasant illnesses. The Walkerton tragedy has certainly emphasized the importance of protecting your water supply against contamination. Ultraviolet disinfection systems protect you and your family from waterborne micro-organisms without the use of chemicals or the need to buy bottled water.


Ultraviolet light destroys pathogenic microbes by focusing on the reproductive system of the microbe and destroying it by concentrated amounts of UV light energy. Other benefits of UV disinfection systems are; it is an immediate process (no storage tank required) and it requires little maintenance. Pre-filtration is required.


Call McLeod’s EcoWater to install your ultraviolet disinfection system today. A Whole House Ultraviolet Sterilizer from McLeod’s EcoWater is Economical, Proven and Safe.