Running tapEven municipal water can have unpleasant taste, odor, and be somewhat hard. And the further the water has to travel to your home, the greater the chance it can pick up impurities as it travels through the pipe system.

A simple RO filter installed at your kitchen sink will assure your family of the quality of the water you are consuming. Our municipal line of water softeners will ensure your skin is soft, your dishes and glassware are spotless, and that your water smells and tastes excellent.

If you’re living on a lake or in the country, then chances are you understand the benefits of water conditioning. Most drilled and dug wells produce water that contains dissolved minerals from contact with the ground. These minerals can produce unpleasant smells, rusting or staining, and can have a huge affect on your plumbing system and appliance life. Mineral build up forms in your hot water tank which can drastically affect your power consumption and the life of your tank.

At McLeod’s EcoWater, we offer free in-home water analysis to help you better understand your water and how the right conditioning solution can improve it.

It’s a free, no obligation service. We’re happy to provide a written quote on solutions and affordable purchase or rental options.

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